” OPJ Cyganek and Julie Poulain have been working together since they graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts in Paris-Cergy in 2012. Their otherness seems to nourish their complementarity, reversing the initial expectations of the public; notions of gender, the couple and the relations of weight and height subtly give way to an action of disarm- ing simplicity. They form scenes in which relationships of power counter pre-conceived ideas.

An example of the can be found in the performance “Je-u” (“I-U”), during which, for fteen minutes, the two artists attempt to prevent one another from pronouncing the personal pronoun of self-af r- mation “I”, by obstructing each other’s mouths with their hands. They con- tinuously grapple with the idea of difference, constantly testing its limits. These limits change according to the context in which they are found. They therefore assess their nd themselves. Taking advantage of the pos- sibilities offered to them, the artists use the space around them, seeking to give it new scope, thus allowing scope for doubt. “


By Sophie Lapalu

Translation by Coral Haresign

Extract from the exhibition catalogue Dans le vague, 2017